Passport Levels

The following table shows the minimum training requirements for each Poultry Passport level.  When a Poultry Passport is created, the most appropriate level is selected by the Scheme Administrator, based on the job role of the Poultry Passport holder.

LevelPositionsTraining Requirements
Level 4
Recommended positions:ILM Level 3 NVQ Certificate in Management or equivalent
Area ManagerL3/Supervisory Health and Safety Course
FieldsmanAdvanced Poultry Health and Welfare Course
Senior Hatchery ManagerAdvanced Biosecurity/Food Safety Course
Environmental Awareness Course
Level 3Farm ManagerL3 Work-based Diploma in Agriculture (Poultry Production) or equivalent
Hatchery Manager / SupervisorHealth and Safety Short Course
Assistant Farm Manager (facility responsibility)Poultry Welfare Short Course
Relief Farm ManagerBiosecurity and Hygiene Short Course
Hatchery ChargehandManual Handling Short Course
Environmental Awareness Course
One Day 1st Aid
Level 2Farm StockpersonL2 Work-based Diploma in Agriculture (Poultry Production) or equivalent
Hatchery Assistant (multi-skill)Health and Safety Short Course
Assistant Farm ManagerPoultry Welfare Short Course
Farm OwnerBiosecurity and Hygiene Short Course
Relief StockpersonManual Handling Short Course
Level 1Specialist / Single Skill Positions:Formal written Induction
SexerHealth and Safety Short Course
CatcherPoultry Welfare Short Course
Hatchery Assistant (single skill)Biosecurity and Hygiene Short Course
Chick GangManual Handling Short Course
Egg Collector/Grader
Part-time Stockperson

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