British Poultry Training

British Poultry Training was established by a working group to develop a consistent level of training and the recording of training across the industry. British Poultry Training formally the Poultry Meat Training Initiative is made up of representatives from the large national poultry processors and growers, Lantra (the sector skills council for the land based sector), British Poultry Council, National Farmers Union and Poultec Training (an independent poultry training specialist ). British Poultry Training has established minimal training requirements for each role within the industry.

To record details of training each person enrolled onto the scheme has a Poultry Passport. The Poultry Passport System is a secure, on-line training recording system. An individual’s training is logged onto their Poultry Passport. Individuals have instant access to their training records, which are updated on their behalf on a continual basis.

Companies can view the Poultry Passports of all their employees. Reports can be generated identifying gaps in training and where refresher training is required. To ensure validity all training records are verified and inputted by the schemes administrators at Poultec Training. Generally this is done remotely however during the initial set-up and for larger companies the scheme administrator may visit the company to input data. Records are continually updated, by submitting evidence of training to the scheme administrators.

The cost is based on a single user credit, which is renewed on an annual basis. The cost for a credit is £20 per year, however by purchasing in bulk, you receive additional credits free.  For more details on how to register, click here.

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