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British Poultry Training was established by a working group to develop a consistent level of training for each job role accross the UK poultry industry with an industry wide training recording system.

Each job role has a minimal training requirement which is defined on each members Poultry Passport.  As training is completed it is recorded by the scheme administrators on the Poultry Passport.  This clearly identifies where training has been completed and where further training is required.

Training courses are approved by the scheme administrators where courses meet the minimal content standards as set by the industry working group.  Courses can be delivered in-house or by training providers once they have successfully gone through the approval process.

For details on how to apply for a Poultry Passport, click here.

Catchers and Poultry Passport

There has always been a training standard for catchers within Poultry Passport and the scheme believes that it is best practice for catchers to be enrolled onto Poultry Passport and complete the training specified.

The recent amendments, made in October 2018 to the Red Tractor standard has introduced the requirement that all catchers are registered on the scheme and completes the training specified within their Poultry Passport.  It also recommends that other members of the catching teams are also enrolled.

Level 4

Poultry Passports for Fieldsmen and Area Managers have always been a part of the training standards, however was optional.  The training required for a level 4 Poultry Passport focuses on staff and resource management, as well as defining and managing welfare policy.

From October 2019 the level 4 Poultry Passport will no-longer be optional; it will be introduced as a mandatory level of the scheme.


Next Generation of Poultry Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship standards have changed - A poultry industry working group – made up of companies from across the industry together with NFU, BPC, LANTRA and Poultec have developed practical standards for apprentices to ensure skilled staff are trained to work in our industry - there is a Poultry Worker Standard, for poultry stockpersons/hatchery operatives and Poultry Technician Standard, for poultry farm managers/hatchery managers.

The new Apprenticeship standards replace the existing frameworks and are available from registered Apprenticeship providers - click here for details.

For more details on the changes to Apprenticeships, click here for our information guide.

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