Health & Safety

Applicable Levels: 1, 2 and 3
Suggested Duration: Half day

This short course must contain the following topics

  • Organisational Security requirements
  • Roles and responsibilities – legal & organisational
  • Reporting of inadequate control measures and corrective actions
  • Importance of following manufacturers instructions
  • Fire and emergency procedures specific to your location and role
  • Different types of fire extinguisher
  • Safe transportation and storage of materials
  • Specific risks to child safety
  • Accident reporting
  • Types of PPE inc. usage, storage, inspection and replacement
  • Health hazards of poultry dust.
  • Electrical safety
  • Lone working arrangements
  • Site traffic movement
  • Chemical safety inc. dilution rates
  • Machinery safety inc. cleaning procedures
  • Noise
  • Notices and written instructions inc. sign recognition

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