FAQ – Training Provider

What is a Poultry Passport?

British Poultry Trianing, formally the Poultry Meat Training Initiative was established to address a common non-conformance identified during assurance scheme audits – no training or incomplete training records.  The group made up of leading figures within the poultry industry, decided that the industry needed to have common levels of training for each role.  The group has defined the mandatory training required for each role and grouped them into three levels – one, two and three.  This mandatory training also has minimal content defined, with delivery of this training being carried out by approved providers or approved internal tutors.

The Poultry Passport is a secure on-line training recording system available to companies and individuals in the poultry sector, which records the mandatory training.  The Poultry passport allows the user to have instant access to their records which are fully maintained and updated on their behalf, on a continual basis.


Can the training that I deliver count towards the mandatory training for the Poultry Passports?

Training that you delivery can be recorded onto individuals’ Poultry Passports.  However, if you are delivering training that counts towards the mandatory training then these course needs to be approved, to confirm that this meets the schemes standards.


How do I obtain approval for the short courses that I deliver?

To obtain details on how to approve your short course, request an information pack by e-mailing the Scheme Administrators at poultry.passport@poultec.co.uk .


Can the training that I have delivered pre-approval be added to the Poultry Passports?

As long as you can demonstrate that the course content is the same, then yes it is possible to approve training that has been delivered before you received approval.  This provision will only be available for a short period while the scheme becomes established

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