FAQ – Poultry Passport Holder

What is a Poultry Passport?

British Poultry Training, formally the Poultry Meat Training Initiative was established to address a common non-conformance identified during assurance scheme audits – no training or incomplete training records.  The group made up of leading figures within the poultry industry, decided that the industry needed to have common levels of training for each role.  The group has defined the mandatory training required for each role and grouped them into three levels – one, two and three.  This mandatory training also has minimal content defined, with delivery of this training being carried out by approved providers or approved internal tutors.

The Poultry Passport is a secure on-line training recording system available to companies and individuals in the poultry sector, which records the mandatory training.  The Poultry passport allows the user to have instant access to their records which are fully maintained and updated on their behalf, on a continual basis.


Why do I need a Poultry Passport?

There is no legal requirement to have a Poultry Passport; however it is becoming increasing important for flock keepers to demonstrate training and continuous professional development to comply with assurance scheme standards.  Having a Poultry Passport and attending training approved by the scheme allows you to demonstrate this.  Having a Poultry Passport allows you to log all the training that you have attended, which is transferrable across the industry.


How is my Poultry Passport Updated?

Your Poultry Passport is generally, initially populated with training records that your employer holds on file within their Human Resources department.  As you attend training your employer will notify the scheme administrators who will update your Poultry Passport.  Your employer can not update your Poultry Passport for you – only the scheme administrator can do this after validating the records.


How much does a Poultry Passport Cost?

Credits for Poultry Passports are £20 each (plus VAT).  Each Poultry Passport uses one credit per year.

By purchasing Poultry Passport creidts in bulk, you will receive additional credits free, at the following rate:

10 Poultry Passports purchased – 1 extra free

50 Poultry Passports purchased – 5 extra free

100 Poultry Passports purchased – 10 extra free

200+ Poultry Passports purchased – 20 extra free


What are my log-in credentials?

When your company enrols you onto the Poultry Passport scheme the administrators set-up your ‘User name’ and ‘Password’ – these are collectively know as your log-in credentials.  Your company will notify you of these details normally in a standard scheme letter.

Don’t worry if you have forgotten these; contact the scheme administrators who will ask you some security questions before reconfirming your log-in credentials.


I can’t log onto my Poultry Passport – how do I obtain help?

The first action is to double check your ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’ – don’t forget that these are case sensitive, so check that the Caps Lock has not been depressed by mistake.

If you have defined an e-mail address within your contact details, this now replaces the previously advised ‘User Name’.  Your e-mail address should now be used.

If you have forgotten your password and have defined an e-mail address, you can enter your e-mail address into the ‘User Name\E-mail Address’ field and click ‘Forgotten Password’ – this will e-mail you a new password.

If you have not defined an e-mail address or are still experiencing problems logging onto the system, send the scheme administrators an e-mail (poultry.passport@poultec.co.uk) or telephone 01362 850983 (0830 – 1730, Mon-Fri)


How do I change my password for Poultry Passport?

A step-by-step guide on changing your Poultry Passport can be found in the User Guide.  Click here to open the User Guide.


Is the information on my Poultry Passport held securely?

Your training records are protected by your own personal password.  Therefore it is important that your password is changed to something that only you know and that you ensure that it is kept secret.  The administrators at PoultryPassport.org can not see or use your passwords – they will never ask you for these details.

Your employer can see your training records, similarly to how they could see them before they were added to the Poultry Passport system.  It is not possible for other companies or other Poultry Passport holders to see your records without your authority.


What happens when I move to another company or leave the industry?

The minimal training standards of the scheme are standard across all the scheme members.  Therefore an approved course provided by two different training providers will meet the same standards.  This means that your training records can be transferred with you should you change employer, saving having to repeat training.  Should you change employer remember to tell them that you already have a Poultry Passport and the scheme administrators can transfer your details to your new employer.

If you leave the industry your records will remain active for the remainder of your annual subscription.  As your employer will not renew this Poultry Passport it will become suspended on the system and that you will not be able to access your records.


Some training records are missing from my Poultry Passport?

Your Poultry Passport is generally, initially populated with training records that your employer holds on file within their Human Resources department.  As you attend training your employer will notify the scheme administrators who will update your Poultry Passport.  If a certificate/training record is not held on file, this would not be included, however if you want this to be added to your record the best route is to notify your human resources department, who will arrange for your file to be updated and a copy to be sent to the scheme administrators.

If you have recently attended a training session and your Poultry Passport has not been updated, don’t worry.  As all the training records have to be validated there may be a short delay in updating your Poultry Passport.  Check back in a few days time, if it is still missing contact your human resources department or the scheme administrators.

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