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What is a Poultry Passport?

British Poultry Training, formally the Poultry Meat Training Initiative was established to address a common non-conformance identified during assurance scheme audits – no training or incomplete training records.  The group, made up of leading figures within the poultry industry, decided that the industry needed to have common levels of training for each role.  The group has defined the mandatory training required for each role and grouped them into three levels – one, two, three and four.  This mandatory training also has minimal content defined, with delivery of this training being carried out by approved providers or approved internal tutors.

The Poultry Passport is a secure on-line training recording system available to companies and individuals in the poultry sector, which records the mandatory training.  The Poultry passport allows the user to have instant access to their records which are fully maintained and updated on their behalf, on a continual basis.


Why do my staff need a Poultry Passport?

By purchasing a Poultry Passport for each of your members of staff provides the following benefits:

  • Provides instant access to employee training records in any location with an Internet connection
  • Logs all training and CPD (continuous professional development)
  • Assists with assurance scheme compliance, by demonstrating continued training
  • Identifies training expiry dates so that refresher training can be arranged
  • Significantly reduces administrative burden, all administration of training records is carried out by the scheme administrators
  • Motivates and focuses staff by demonstrating they will obtain continuous professional development
  • Reduces the repetition of training if new staff have previous record with other poultry company
  • Potential reduction in insurance premiums by demonstrating due diligence and adhering to industry best practice
  • Increases customer confidence and demonstrates a trained skill force


How much does a Poultry Passport cost?

Credits for Poultry Passports are £20 each (plus VAT).  Each Poultry Passport uses one credit per year.

By purchasing Poultry Passport creidts in bulk, you will receive additional credits free, at the following rate:

10 Poultry Passports purchased – 1 extra free

50 Poultry Passports purchased – 5 extra free

100 Poultry Passports purchased – 10 extra free

200+ Poultry Passports purchased – 20 extra free


How do I purchase Poultry Passports for my staff?

Click here to purchase Poultry Passport credits.


Can historic training be added the Poultry Passports of my staff?

Yes, historic training records can be added to the Poultry Passports.  Mandatory training will only be added if it is current and where the training is approved, meeting the minimal training standards.  Other training, which is not defined as minimal training can be added to the Poultry Passports as long as there is evidence of certification.


My company delivers internal training – can this be recorded on the Poultry Passports?

Internal training can be recorded onto Poultry Passports, as long as the training course has been approved by the scheme.  This approval ensures that training has met the minimal training standards defined by the scheme.

Contact the scheme administrators at poultry.passport@poultec.co.uk and request an infromation pack.


How do you know if a Training Provider’s courses meet the minimal standards of the scheme?

Training providers are required to submit their courses for approval.  Once approved, they are able to advertise there training as approved under the scheme.  In addition to this you can view approved training providers here.


How secure is the information stored on PoultryPassport.org?

All the information held on the system is protected by passwords; each individual has their own password which will allow them to log onto their own Poultry Passport.  The scheme administrators are able to set-up ‘Team Manager’ accounts, which allow authorised people to see Poultry Passports for their entire company or department.  It is not possible to see Poultry Passports for other companies or individuals without their authority.


What happens if a new member of staff who joins my company and already has a Poultry Passport?

If someone already has a Poultry Passport when they join your company their training records will be transferred.  You will need to notify the scheme administrator, once they have confirmed the move with their previous company; they will transfer the Poultry Passport into your team.  From this point onwards you will be able to see their Poultry Passport when logged on as a ‘Team Manager’.  The length of time outstanding on their annual subscription will be transferred with the account.


What happens if someone with a Poultry Passport leaves the Company?

When a Poultry Passport holder leaves your company you can notify the scheme administrators of this and they will remove the individual from your team.  Their Poultry Passport will remain active until the 12-month subscription expires.

Alternatively, you can leave the individual in your team and once their Poultry Passport expires you can decide not to renew, which will remove them from your team.


How do I change my password for Poultry Passport?

A step-by-step guide on changing your Poultry Passport can be found in the User Guide.  Click here to open the User Guide.


How do I update the training record on the Poultry Passports for my staff?

Only the scheme administrators can update the training records on the Poultry Passports.  They will only at details to the Poultry Passport once they have seen a copy of the certification document.  In addition to this if the training is part of the mandatory training required for the Poultry Passport; the course has to be approved.


How do I renew the Poultry Passports?

You will be advised when you are required to renew Poultry Passports.  At this point you can review who holds Poultry Passports and decide which you would like to renew.

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