Next generation of poultry apprenticeships

Standards for two new ‘Trailblazer’ Apprenticeships have been released for consultation. The new apprenticeships, developed through the Governments trailblazer process builds on the successful Poultry Passport scheme and continues to develop skills across the poultry supply chain.

The Poultry Worker standard is designed to be completed by farm operatives and hatchery workers, while the Poultry Technician standard is targeted at farm and assistant farm managers and hatchery managers. Both standards have been designed with core and optional elements to allow them to be suitable for all parts of the poultry agriculture supply chain – from rearing & breeding through egg production and hatching to grow out – and across all commercial bird species.

From 2017 ‘Apprenticeship’ takes on a slightly new meaning with the focus much more about making sure that workers have the skills and qualifications that befit a modern industry.

This consultation asks poultry industry employers to read and comment upon the draft standards so that the proposed apprenticeship scheme meets the needs of the industry.

Once you have read through these standards, please complete the surveys below – there is a separate survey per standard:

This consultation is open for 4 weeks from 1st November.

We have produced a Q & A document to help you understand the changes being made to apprenticeships and how these are funded – click here to view.

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