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The British Poultry Training Scheme was established by a working group to develop a consistent level of training for each job role accross the UK poultry industry with an industry wide training recording system.

Each job role has a minimal training requirement which is defined on each members Poultry Passport.  As training is completed it is recorded by the scheme administrators on the Poultry Passport.  This clearly identifies where training has been completed and where further training is required.

Training courses are approved by the scheme administrators where courses meet the minimal content standards as set by the industry working group.  Courses can be delivered in-house or by training providers once they have successfully gone through the approval process.

For details on how to apply for a Poultry Passport, click here.

Catchers and Poultry Passport

There has always been a training standard for catchers within Poultry Passport and the scheme believes that it is best practice for catchers to be enrolled onto Poultry Passport and complete the training specified.

When Poultry Passport was adopted by the Red Tractor poultry standards, it was applicable only to broilers, however more recently was extended to be applicable to all its chicken standards.  The British Poultry Training management group welcomed this change and advised it members through the latest newsletter.

We have however been advised by Red Tractor that during this recent amendment to the standards, the changes to the catchers training requirements were omitted in error.  Red Tractor are currently working on a revised standard for catchers to include this requirement, which will be issued for consultation early in the New Year.

We apologise for any confusion caused by the article in the latest newsletter, which was issued based on information which was believed to be correct at the time of publication


Apprenticeships are open to both people who are already working within the industry, as well as new entrants. 

Key to an Apprenticeship training programme is the Work-based Diploma (formally known as an NVQ).  This qualification develops exisiting skills as well as teaching new, practical skills specific to your career within the UK Poultry Industry.  Training Providers are able to obtain funding via the Skills Funding Agency to assist with the funding of your training programme.

In addition to the Work-based Diploma, the Apprenticeship also includes a Functional Skills qaulification for both Maths and English.

A Work-based Diploma can be be delivered independantly, however funding to pay for this is often limited.

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